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FAQ Questions

Treatment Tables

What types of treatment tables are available?

There are 3 series of therapy tables:

  •     NEXX
  •     STAN
  •     ARUBA
All table types can be customised to your needs in terms of their structure and equipment. You can choose between different height adjustments, parts, head sections, upholstery, colour variants and control elements. In this way, you will find the right bed for you to achieve 100% satisfaction. Choose your equipment features.

How many colours are available?

There is a choice of two colours for the base frame: white aluminium or white.
There is a wide choice of two types of artificial leather for the upholstery: Amalfi (standard) and Pandoria Plus (subject to surcharge). You can find the colour overview here.

How thick is the padding?

The padding is 7 cm thick.

What is the upholstery width?

The upholstery is 65 cm wide as standard. However, optional cushion widths of 70 cm, 75 cm or 80 cm are also available.

What is a wellness cushion?

An additional layer of memory foam is inserted into the cushion to make it particularly soft to lie on and also increase comfort for longer treatments.

What user weight is the table designed for?

The maximum patient weight is 200kg. The total load (patient + therapist load) is 250kg.

Where can I get spare parts for my treatment table or training device?

As all therapy tables and training equipment are developed and produced directly in-house, we as the manufacturer are the right and direct contact for all spare parts for our products as well as for therapy tables from svg Germany, frei AG, Stolzenberg, Pino, Klappzu and Gymna.

How long is the warranty?

All components are guaranteed for two years, subject to correct use and cleaning. There is a 5-year guarantee on the frames.

nethos® training devices

How many training devices from the nethos range are there?

There are 7 training devices that can train a total of 13 different muscle groups.

How long is the warranty on nethos training equipment?

24 months

How is the nethos training device installed & connected?

With a 220 volt power cable supplied. Otherwise it is a plug and play installation.

How is the training panel used?

Resistance controller:
  • The desired resistance is adjusted independently for both directions of movement using the ergonomically shaped dials.

Repetition counter:
  • The smart repetition counter in increments of 5 allows you to concentrate fully on performing the exercise.

Speed Compiler:
  • The simple "traffic light system" visualises the optimum training speed and increases the quality of movement.

Which training control system can I connect?

In principle, any software can be connected to the nethos training devices. Existing connections: aktivKonzepte, ...

How can I determine the force on nethos?

Dynamic anamnesis in conjunction with our software providers. For example: aktivKonzepte: Training control and software.

Why is there no eccentricity?

  • This is a very conscious decision, as it allows us to train two muscle groups (agonist and antagonist) in the shortest possible time. The time spent on the machine would otherwise simply be too long.The patients also find the training very pleasant.
  • The majority of patients have never sat on a training device before, so the introduction should be as "soft" as possible.
  • With this technique, we manage to train e.g. 4 machines / 8 muscle groups in the shortest possible time.
  • There is time for functional / stretching and coordinative exercises in which the physiotherapist can apply all his knowledge.
  • Maximum safety, as there are no compressive or tensile forces and training can be ended in any position. This immediately creates confidence in the movement (training feeling like swimming).

Why is there no F-Stemme?

  • Leg fixation necessary (very uncomfortable training feeling)
  • No flexibility in the foot position No accessories possible on the footplate (tilting gyroscope, ball cushion etc.)
  •  Complex construction required, therefore expensive (if you want to do it right!)
  • It makes sense to include the eccentric exercise in the KGG programme (e.g. climbing stairs)

How does the service work?

We have trained and certified service partners in every country. These can be contacted directly via your dealer. This guarantees fast and uncomplicated service processing.